C Family at the Center for Creative Arts in Yorklyn, DE

I love my families that I see year after year.  I have a SPECIAL place in my heart for my families that say, “You want me to follow you where?  Ok – sure!”

The C family not only has adorable kids, but will come with me to the Center for the Creative Arts in Yorklyn, DE – even after I’ve said, “Ummm – I don’t know exactly where this is or what it’s called – but I LOVE the building – wanna come try it out after your session at a normal place like Valley Garden Park?”

Lots of great stuff at this building – like this!!


But just in case – we started at Valley Garden Park to make sure we got some great shots:

Then, they got in the car and followed me along lots of windy back roads.  If you’ve ever driven around Yorklyn, DE – you’ll know what I mean!  We played at the Center of Creative Arts and got some fun stuff along the way:

Thank you, C Family, for entrusting me with your family portraits and taking this risk with me!  You’re amazing!

If you loved how they styled their outfits, it’s because the Mom, Emily, is an amazing stylist!!  She wrote the series I will be posting about on how to dress yourself for your family session!


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La Lume Photography Presents a Frozen Treat

Merry Christmas, everyone!

This past September, our family went to Disney and had an amazing time!  We got to see some of the Frozen festivities, and I snagged this little beauty at the end of the Frozen parade!  I had an unobstructed view of the parade right at the end, and Elsa and Anna looked right at the camera and made me a heart with their hands:

La Lume Photography Frozen Gift

I was pretty excited about that.  Like crazy excited, and I’m 35 years old.

If I was this excited about it, I thought maybe other little girls would be too.  So I am offering the high resolution file as a gift to all my clients from 2013 and 2014!

If you would like the high resolution file, send me an e-mail at phuong@lalumephotography.com!  I will send it to you!

I’m obviously not wanting to make money off of it – I’m sure that’s a violation of licensing or something that could get me into trouble!  I’m happy to share this image with my clients who I want to reward for choosing me as their photographer!  I love to see you every year, and hope you feel the same!

Joyeux Noel!

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B-Family Christmas Tree Farm Session – Old Stone Christmas Tree Farm

I love seeing my families, year after year. The kids recognize me, and they know we’re gonna play. I get smiles right away, and we just have a great time.

Case in point:
Old Stone Farm Tree Farm West Grove Family Photographer La Lume Photography

Gorgeous gal!! They grow so fast! Look how grown up she is looking:
Old Stone Farm Tree Farm West Grove Family Photographer La Lume Photography

Love these sisters – so precious:
Old Stone Farm Tree Farm West Grove Family Photographer La Lume Photography

I remember when she didn’t want to smile for me. Love this chatty, sweet girl:
Old Stone Farm Tree Farm West Grove Family Photographer La Lume Photography

One last one of the sisters.
Old Stone Farm Tree Farm West Grove Family Photographer La Lume Photography

We had a great time at the Old Stone Christmas Tree Farm!  If you’re still in the market for a Christmas tree, definitely visit them! We get our trees from them every year, and our trees always last FOREVER. They last the entire month in our dry house! Our last tree lasted until April after my husband threw it on our “to burn” pile. We had our neighbors cracking about our Christmas tree that was permanently in our backyard.

Next year, mini-sessions will be at the Old Stone Farm! Watch for it!

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S Family Portraits – Odessa Family Photographer

My favorite words walking into any session are:  “Do what you want. I want you to capture my family as they are.”

The results are a session that is fun with images that are fun!

Meet the S-Family.  Mom S. said exactly that to me, and check out what came about!

To start, here’s the normal everyone smiling picture that you gotta have for the Christmas card:
Odessa Family Photographer La Lume Photography

Then, the entire family did AWESOME for their session.  I.loved.every.minute!!!  Here’s what happens when you say, “Give me your best superhero pose!”
Odessa Family Photographer La Lume Photography

Love those kids.

I DIE.  Pinch me – she’s gorgeous.
Odessa Family Photographer La Lume Photography

This little guy had me cracking up the entire session.  I knew him when he was a baby and to see him grow up into this awesome guy, brimming with life – I just loved being able to capture that.
Odessa Family Photographer La Lume Photography

The oldest son is my son’s age.  I love photographing that age!  Full of silly smiles and excellent expressions!
Odessa Family Photographer La Lume Photography

Odessa Family Photographer La Lume Photography

Odessa Family Photographer La Lume Photography

You don’t have to tell kids twice to do whatever they want in a family picture:
Odessa Family Photographer La Lume Photography

Thank you for a great Sunday in a great new location.  I love shooting somewhere new.  It inspires me.  Couple that with a family who’s willing to play and let that shine – well – I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a beautiful Fall Sunday.




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La Lume Presents…

Hi Everyone!!

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged.  Oftentimes, photographers get pretty busy during the fall!  It’s our busy season, and we are spending our time tending to our clients and their images.

Unfortunately, blogging kind of gets pushed down on the priority list.  We catch up on that during the winter months, where things slow down a little bit for us.

For me, they had to slow down a lot in Jan/Feb.  Mainly because of this reason:

La Lume Photography Oxford Family Photographer West Grove Family Photographer

I am pregnant, with a due date of May 22nd.  Things also slowed down because of the crazy snow we’ve been having in the Northeast!  I am from Texas.  I basically shut down in this.  With my son being home so often from school, there was not much time for business anyways!

This pregnancy is both a blessing and a huge surprise for us.  My son is an only child because that’s how things worked out, sadly, for us.  We had many miscarriages after him, followed by other infertility issues.  All of which the doctors simply said they could not figure out why it was happening.

It was a hard pill for me to swallow.  However, being a woman of faith made that pill go down easier instead of like a jagged little pill.

If you know me, you will know I am very big on being “present” in the moment and really spending time with the person who is right in front of me.  I do not live on my phone.  I do not have my social media alerts on.  I do not respond within minutes.   I’m ok with that!

With this pregnancy, I want to really enjoy it. Every back-aching minute of it.  When the baby comes, I want to enjoy every minute of it.  Every middle-of-the-night-feeding-diapering-colick-y minute of it.  For our first, we moved to Paris when he was 3 months old, and I spent most of his infancy just barely breathing above water.  For this one, I want to be able to give it a peaceful and calm entrance into our world.

As a result, I will be changing my pricing format.  I still whole-heartedly believe in printing through your professional photographer.  My monitor is calibrated to my professional labs.  What I see is what I will get correctly printed on the highest quality photographic materials.  I expect nothing less as a professional and for my clients.

However, I cannot maintain that business model while I tend to my family.  Starting now, La Lume Photography is switching to a Digital File based model.  Please see my  Investment page for more details on my new pricing.

I love what I do, and I can’t imagine giving it up.  Or not talking to my clients ever again.  Or not meeting new families with lovely personalities of their own.

However to keep doing what I love, while being really present with my family, is an ongoing challenge for me.  There are many people who do it so much better than me!   For right now in this phase in my life, this is how La Lume Photography can still be present for you, while at the same time letting Phuong Besancon be present for her family as well.

Thank you for understanding and following me through this journey!  Drop me a line, just to say hi!  I love to hear from all of you!!


P.S. Stay tuned!  I will be blogging about my fall sessions and Confirmation pictures for Sacred Heart!  La Lume was pretty excited to be part of some great changes this past fall!

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